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Our company VMV Platinum Ltd. is a strategic partner of companies Stuller, Inc. and Gemvision Inc.. In cooperation with these most reliable american jewelry Titans, we bring jewelry industry a complex and innovative solution within Central Europe. Our wholesale online system www.jewelerstudio.eu  and its language mutations www.zlatnickestudio.sk www.zlatnickestudio.cz www.juwelierstudio.at  www.jubilerskiestudio.pl and www.aranymuvestudio.hu comprises of Stuller, Inc. and Gemvision Inc. complete product portfolio. Our customers can choose from more than 1.300.000 products dedicated to all jewelry professionals under one roof - from findings, mountings, finished jewelry, diamonds and gemstones, to jewelry tools, packaging and the last but not the least - the most innovative jewelry 3D softwares.

The owners of VMV Platinum Ltd. Marek Vachálek and Martin Vlach together with Mr. Matt Stuller and all directorate of Stuller, Inc. and Gemvision Inc..

     About Stuller

Stuller & Gemvision

Stuller Inc. is a Prime US Manufacturer and Most Reliable Wholesaler with:

  • CustomerBase of over 40.000 Jewelry Proffesionals,

  • Product Portfolio of over 1.000.000 Items,

  • 5 facilities all around the Globe,

  • 600,000-square-foot facility in US - Louisina,

  • Employing over 1.500 Employees,

  • over 8.000 orders shipped per day during December holiday season.

  • producing 180kg of carat gold products per day - the production capacity is even higher - up to 250kg.

    • Owner of copanies Gemvision Inc. a TDM Solutions - controling over over 95% of global jewelry 3D software business.

    • In cooperation with Gemvision, they developed their own 3D sales software - CounterSketch -the state of the art software, which includes the library of 3000 Stuller jewelry models in 3D, which are available for easy customization right at the showroom floor infront of your customer alowing each jewelry store to becomme a Tommorows Jeweler of the 21. century.

    That is why they say Stuller is an industry leader worldwide. 

    Jewelerstudio.eu is an European wholesale online ordering system offering Everything that Stuller has to offer:

    • simply One-Stop-Shop for All Jewelry Needs.

    • High Quality Products, Supperior Services,

    • Quick and Reliable Delivery,

    • State of the Art Innovations such as award winning CounterSketch 3D Software by Gemvision.

    We have also built many EU language versions of our system to allow Central European Jewelers the best and trustfull sales presentation with their customers at domain name and language of your country.

    VMV Platinum Ltd. is European Distributor of Stuller Inc. and Gemvision Inc.,  and together we are Innovating Jewelry Business in EU.

    The Value We Create is through:

    • offering the Cheapest Shipping Costs and Cheapest Import Costs Possible,

    • we bundle all EU orders into one package, and Stuller ships it all together using the fastest delivery service via Air from US to Slovakia each Friday. Than, during Monday and Tuesday we quickly deal with clearance of all products and re-distribute all orders to individual jewelers localy using cheap but fully insured Ground Shipping Methods.

    we Charge ONLY 10,-€ / all orders of 1customer submitted during 1week (cumulative weight of products up to 1kg).

    • providing local language support for jewelers EN, DE, SK, CZ, PL, HU 

    • we provide sales support while ordering and we train jewelers to get the most of the system in local languages, translating all marketing materials such as Product Catalogs, websites, training manuals and other supportive literature.

    • Supportive Culture with focus to make our customers heros in eyes of their customers. 




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